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JGFlynn & Associates

J.G. Flynn & Associates selects Virtual Solutions to redevelop their corporate website, redefining their presence online.

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Established in 1983, J.G. Flynn & Associates (JGF & A) is an independent, Vancouver-based executive recruitment firm with affiliated offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok. Known for their ability to research any industry thoroughly in order to ferret out the best candidates having the specific expertise and experience that their clients require.

Having worked with J.G. Flynn & associates previously, when it came time for a website make-over, there was no hesitation in calling upon Virtual Solutions. Over the course of several meetings, the staff of Virtual Solutions listened carefully to the ideas that J.G. Flynn & Associates had.

Following our detailed meetings, Virtual Solutions developed several initial prototypes for review by the client. Once the client decided on a prototype, the staff of Virtual Solutions didn't hold anything back, developing a website to meet all the needs of J.G. Flynn & Associates.

Working collaboratively with J.G. Flynn & Associates, Virtual Solutions has helped to launch the company's corporate website meeting all of their goals and achieving delivery before the deadline. By providing a complete solution for J.G. Flynn & Associates, Virtual Solutions is empowering this industry-leading company to build customer loyalty and increased market share.

 "Working with the staff of Virtual Solutions has been a great experience. They, unlike many companies in their field, spent the time to listen carefully to our ideas. Working closely with us, Virtual Solutions delivered a project exactly as planned... And before their deadline! Well done."

J.G. (Jerry) Flynn, J.G. Flynn & Associates

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